Aims and Ethos at Chapelford Village Primary School

"Learn, Achieve, Respect"

At Chapelford Village Primary School we aim to become an exceptional school where children are central to everything we pursue. We are committed to providing a safe harmonious and caring environment where every child can thrive from their varied starting point. Our aim is for every child to achieve their unique potential and become lifelong learners - as a result they will become fulfilled and responsible citizens for the future.

An "exceptional school" is one that: Establishes and embeds excellent values and ethos; Ensures that relationships and behaviour of the school community are consistently positive; Raises attainment and achievement to the highest level through consistently good or better teaching overtime. At Chapelford Village Primary School we firmly believe that the educational experiences of our children will be memorable, enjoyable and allow them to develop inquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge. In a stimulating and creative environment of non negotiable high expectation, based on respect, all children will be valued as individuals and their spiritual, moral and cultural development nurtured to ensure personal growth.

Chapelford Village Primary School will promote perseverance, resiliance, team working and effective participation to develop a high "can do" attitude in all pupils as we believe these skills will be necessary for future growth and development. We will celebrate every child's success and encourage them to enjoy the success of others. We will engage pupils in a creative learning challenge curriculum that develops and builds on their prior knowledge and interests. The curriculum will also be developed to celebrate and learn about the community and society in which they live. As a school we will strive to inspire and ignite a passion for learning that will remain lifelong. As a learning family of pupils, parents, governors, staff and wider community we will strive for all of the children at Chapelford Village Primary School to succeed to the highest standard. We will provide children with opportunities, both inside and outside of school, to work as individuals but also to work collaboratively to ensure that they develop the necessary skills for our diverse and rapidly developing world. In order to fulfill our school vision we will seek to listen and respond to all stakeholders and consistently adapt and improve in the best interest of our pupils and families.

What are our aims?

To Learn: to provide an exceptional primary education for all children that is creative, inspiring, challenging and purposeful to allow all children to become articulate and independent, responsible, and confident citizens of the future.

To Achieve: to provide an exceptional primary education for all children that promotes and nurtures beliefs and values that allow all pupils to achieve their potential.

To Respect: to provide an exceptional primary education for all children that promotes mutual respect for individual talents and diversity regardless of race, gender, disability, sexual  orientation or ethnicity.