Virtual Tours

We understand that nothing can replace coming to visit us and seeing our fantastic facilities and teaching spaces for yourself. We hope you find our virtual tours useful.

There are a number of ways to take the tour, but the first step is to click on the 'play' button in the image below, this will then take you to the Home page of the tour. From here you can guide yourself through the school by clicking on the screen in the direction you wish to go. At any point in the tour, by clicking and holding your mouse, you can scroll around the space and zoom in on specific areas as required.

From the Home Page you can also view the school in a number of other ways:

  • You can view the tour in full screen by clicking the box icon on the right hand side
  • 'Play': will give you a slideshow snapshot of the school taking you through the different areas of the school
  • 'View Dollhouse': gives an aeriel view of the school footprint. Click anywhere on the plan and it will zoom you into that area. 
  • 'View Floorplan': provides a floor of the school and shows hotspots you can click on for further information