Our children study Geography as part of their Learning Challenge work, on an increasing scale of complexity from local to global. Initially, they learn about their immediate surroundings, construct simple maps, find out about a contrasting locality from the wider world, learn the basics of British geography, recognise physical features in the landscape and begin to use maps, globes, atlases and ICT resources to develop geographical skills.

Geography Documents

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Pupil Voice

"I enjoyed making volcanoes and explosions. We looked at volcanoes under the sea and they make sea waves". Year 3

"We had a visit from an air hostess who told us all about the places she had visited". Year 3

"We wrote a river rap and made a human  river. This helped me to remember the words for the different parts of a river". Year 4

"The River Mersey was used for transporting things to different countries". Year 4

"I have enjoyed researching different animals that live in Brazil". Year 5

"Brazil has a different time zone to England because it is on the other side of the world". Year 5

"I have found out that England is in the continent of Europe and South Africa is in Africa". Year 2

"Africa is closer to the equator so it is very hot". Year 2

"Most features at the seaside are physical because nature has made them". Year 2

"I have enjoyed looking at different maps and making our own weather forecasts". Year 1

"We read a story about a meerkat who went around the world. He couldn't live in the North Pole because it was too cold!". Year 1