National Restrictions are in place from 5th November until 2nd December.

National Restrictions Guidance

24 Hour COVID 19 Reporting to School

With everything going on we need to make sure you can contact us at any point (including evenings and weekends) if you, your child or someone in your house gets a positive test result for COVID 19. Therefore, we have created an email address for you to contact us should you get a positive test result for anyone in your household.

The email address is

This email address will be regularly monitored so we can take the appropriate action should we have a positive case in our school community. Sadly, we also have to make you aware that there have been cases nationally where parents have claimed that they or their child has tested positive when this has NOT been the case.

Public Health England has a record of all positive tests and schools are able to check if the case in their school is legitimate. If you email the address above, it is for a positive test only and not for a suspected case or for symptoms.

Latest Government Information for Parents and Carers

Current School Guidance for Parents

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Covid Letter to Parents

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Information relating to Y2 return on 24.11.2020
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Coronavirus Information Sept 2020

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Plan for reopening to the whole school Sept 2020
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Coronavirus Information March 20 - Aug 2020

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