Our School Mission and Vision

Our Mission and Vision statements have been shared with the children during assemblies and circle time, we have had an artist come into school to add these to our walls as a consistent reminder of our shared direction.

As a school we worked in association with Rebecca Wray - Coaching Consultancy, to establish a school Mission statement and Vision for the future. Through consultation with Parents, Staff, and Pupils, we developed three alternative Mission and Vision statements which were then put to a vote. As a result, we have established the following as our Mission statement and our collective Vision for our schools future.

Our Mission

We are a learning family with high expectations, working together in partnership, embracing and developing individual talents and inspiring the personal growth of our family members.

Through a creative approach where enjoyment is key, we encourage everyone to Learn, Achieve, and Respect.

Our Vision is to become ...

An exceptional school, recognised for inspiring and challenging individuals to achieve their dreams.

Our families are instrumental in developing a lifelong love of learning.

We will be respectful, happy and healthy citizens of the future.