Join us on a virtual field trip


The classic primary school field trip goes online!  Farm Fresh 360 allows you to immerse yourself in Canadian farm and food tours—from raising pigs to making milk and cheese.

Farm Fresh 360


You can discover inspiring stories of scientific achievement, delve into the incredible collection online or through videos, explore fun activities to try at home or simply have fun playing the online games.

The Science Museum


Today's field trip is possibly our most adventurous yet. Visit the Learning Space @ NASA where you can explore Mars, build a volcano or take part in your own space mission.

Learning Space wit NASA


We are heading to The Georgia Aquarium.  Click the link below for a view of the Ocean Voyager - can you spot the whale shark?

Georgia Aquarium


You are cordially invited to the ball of the year with Cinderella - the ultimate rags-to-riches tale.  Join us on a trip to the Mercury Theatre in Colchester. All you need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy this fun filled, family friendly show!



Who fancies a trip to the cinema this afternoon?  
Why not create your own Cinema at Home experience?  You could design your own tickets or even create a price list for drinks and snacks!


Our field trip today involves a short journey across the Atlantic. Join us on a visit to Cincinnati Zoo.  There are many animals to visit - each with an activity to complete if you wish. I quite fancy making a giraffe sock puppet!

Cincinnati Zoo