Dear Parent/Carer

We are consulting on our Relationships and Sex Education Policy, with the consultation opening on 24th May 2021 and closing on 21st June 2021.

The Department for Education announced changes and updated the requirements of relationships and sex education (RSE) for implementation from September 2020 which all schools were required to comply with. It has been 20 years since the last review of this curriculum and the world in which we live, and how our young people interact with each other, has changed dramatically in this time.  

With the challenges of lockdown, this implementation was moved to the Summer Term of this academic year and we are now consulting with you, our parents/carers, in preparation for a policy update which will be implemented this term and prepare us for curriculum delivery in September. 

As a family of schools in Omega Multi-Academy Trust, we have worked together over the past 12 months to review our current RSE / PSHE curriculum offer and, in line with the DfE guidance, we have updated our programmes of study to ensure that our RSE provision is appropriate for our students based on their: 

·         Age 

·         Physical and emotional maturity 

·         Religious and cultural backgrounds 

·         Special educational needs and/or disabilities 

We  must  provide the following to all students: 

·         Relationships education 

·    Health education  

Our aims for this consultation are to: 

·     Explain the changes to requirements for RSE we are proposing for September 2021 

·         Explain how we currently teach RSE, and get your views on how well this curriculum works 

·         Get your views on what else you think our RSE curriculum should cover 

·         Explain how we’ll develop our updated curriculum and offer support to you to discuss some key topics at home with your child. 

As part of this consultation, we’re also getting feedback from: 

·         Staff 

·         Students 

·         Governors / Trustees 

Please find a link to our RSE Consultation Form on this page and please do take the time to read the information and resources linked and provide us with your feedback. The information and resources will be available for you to access across the remainder of this academic year and following the consultation, and once we’ve considered all of your comments, we’ll feedback our findings and update our RSE policy, which will confirm our proposed curriculum and be ratified by Trustees. 

As always, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to working with you and receiving your feedback.