Happy 10th birthday Chapelford Village Primary School!


Last week was full of celebration and excitement as Chapelford Village Primary School marked its 10th anniversary. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and joy as children, teachers and family members came together to mark this milestone. All children were invited to a party for their year group during the week and were invited to bring a family member to join the celebrations. During the event, the children were engaged in a range of activities designed to help them learn about the school's history and achievements. They looked at timelines and photographs that chronicled the school's journey over the past decade, learning about the people, events and milestones that shaped its development. They also completed portraits of themselves to serve as a reminder of their contribution to the school's growth and success. 


In the week leading up to the celebrations, the school incorporated learning activities into the curriculum to teach the children about the history of the school - examples include Year 1 pupils furthering their knowledge of non-fiction writing opportunities by creating fact files about Chapelford Village Primary School and Year 5 discussed significant events that had happened over the ten years. They wrote a diary entry from the perspective of a refugee child from Ukraine. 


All children were invited to reflect on where they think they will be in ten years time! Our youngest members of the school looked forward to continuing their education at high school, whilst our year six children considered potential future careers. On Friday children participated in a school wide learning objective - 'What is 10?'. Children celebrated their understanding of the number ten whether this was number bonds to 10, representing the number itself or completing reasoning questions. 


The celebrations allowed the team to thank parents and staff for their continued support in helping the school grow over the past ten years. We recognise the importance of having a strong partnership between parents and school staff and appreciate the commitment and dedication of parents in their children's education.