Year 6 PCSO Visit

Year 6 had a visit from a local PCSO. She talked about how to keep ourselves safe online and protecting our passwords. This was particularly useful as it re-visited Year 6's weekly e-Safety learning. She discussed the consent age of each social media app and that they each have a responsibility to report things that make them uncomfortable. The children discussed advice on how to stay safe and trusted adults they can speak to.


Please see our updated e-Safety website for information about how to keep children safe online. 

e-Safety | Chapelford Village Primary School


Parental Controls

In school we have appropriate filters to keep our children safe online whilst they learn. Due to the wide variety of technology available at our children's fingertips we feel it is also important to share information on how to keep children safe whilst they access technology at home. 

Many broadband and WiFi providers offer filters to limit inappropriate content.

These filters usually have to be set manually.

The link below provides information and step by step videos on how to set up appropriate parental controls for a variety of providers. There are lots of step by step videos to support with this.