The craft club led by the talented Miss Griffiths gather in a classroom each Monday after school and join in with a wide variety of arts and crafts! Following the theme of Oliver Jeffers' book "How to Catch a Star," the club members recently used collaging techniques to design their own stunning stars. They have explored the world of plants - re-visiting their Science learning and decorated plant pots and planting cress seeds while discussing the key things required for growth. The children have also created some fantastic superhero masks using feathers and sequins that inspired some thoughtful conversations about bravery and kindness. 

We asked some members of craft club what they enjoys about craft club:

Aidon said, "I love craft club! I love all the sequins and gems that we use!"

Iris said, "My favourite part of craft club is painting."

Craft club is an extremely popular club and is always full of engaged and happy children. Miss Griffiths loves the level of enthusiasm for all things arts and crafts and is incredibly proud of everyone who has participated this year!