The EYFS children had a delightful day as they embarked on a trip to Kenyon Hall Farm.

Each class had the opportunity to board the farm tractor for a tour of the farm! With the gentle rumble of the engine, the tractor set off, whisking the children away on an exciting journey through the picturesque farm. The children enjoyed being able to spot different fruits and vegetables growing as they travelled in style! Presley said that he loved the tractor because it was so bumpy! Learning where their food and other produce comes from helps support the children's knowledge about the origins of the food they consume. They will further develop their knowledge of plants as they soon transition to Year 1.

One highlight of the day awaited them as they disembarked the tractor and took a leisurely walk around the farm. It was time for strawberry picking, and the EYFS students eagerly gathered around Helen, a friendly farm guide, who taught them the art of selecting the juiciest and most delicious strawberries.

After learning the intricacies of strawberry selection, the young farmers enthusiastically set about their task, carefully inspecting each berry. Holly, with a discerning eye, exclaimed, "I liked checking the strawberries to see which was the best to pick." They meticulously followed Helen's instructions, seeking out strawberries that were uniformly red all around and crowned with vibrant green leaves at the top.

All of the children brought home a punnet of strawberries to share at home, however due to how tasty they were and the amount we saw being eaten as a snack on the way home we are not convinced many made it home as they were so delicious! The children had a fantastic time and wanted to say a big thank you to the team at Kenyon Hall Farm for such a fantastic day!