In a heartwarming visit to Chapelford Village Primary School the Mayor of Warrington engaged with the young leaders of tomorrow, our newly appointed School Council, to discuss his role, the importance of local councils, and to listen to the bright ideas brewing within the school walls for the upcoming year.

During his visit, the Mayor met with our school council, recently elected to represent their peers. The Mayor took the time to explain his significant role in the community. Explaining the broader concept of a council, the Mayor elaborated on the pivotal role it plays within the community. The Mayor stressed the importance of councils in fostering community development, ensuring public services, and encouraging civic participation among residents. 

Most notably, the Mayor actively listened to the innovative ideas put forth by the School Council for the upcoming year. The students eagerly shared their plans, showcasing their enthusiasm and dedication to making a positive impact within their school and the broader community.

Following the insightful discussion, the Mayor was given a guided tour of the school by our enthusiastic students. During the tour, he expressed his admiration for the school and its students, stating, "They are a credit to the school." His assistant also commended the warm and inviting atmosphere within the school, noting that the children appeared exceptionally proud of their school. The Mayor also had a preview of our new Year 6 building and the fantastic facilities Chapelford Village Primary School students have access to. 

Miss Green who supports our school council expressed our gratitude for the Mayor's visit, stating, "We are honoured to have the Mayor here, inspiring our young leaders and appreciating the hard work and dedication of our students. Such visits encourage our children to actively engage in civic matters and understand the importance of their roles in the community."