Last week, Chapelford Village Primary School celebrated European Languages Day. The day allowed us to further embrace the rich linguistic diversity of Europe....and within our school! 

In our Early Years, children embarked on a delightful journey into the French language. Giggles and laughter filled the air as they learned how to say "hello" in French, their tiny hands crafting colourful flags in the dedicated craft area. Our Year 1 children created charming self-portraits while mastering the art of introducing themselves in French. Their enthusiasm spilled over into daily activities and they have been enjoying answering the register in French ever since! Year 2 began their day with an engaging challenge, matching numerals to their corresponding French words. The highlight of their day was a virtual flight over France, where they marvelled at the country's scenic wonders. Their celebrations culminated in learning French greetings, which they creatively incorporated into decorating their paper dolls, mirroring the vibrant colours of the French flag. 

Year 3 embraced Spanish as their focus language, creating plate profiles adorned with Spanish phrases like 'My name is' and 'I am __ years old.' A world map fascinated them, showcasing the widespread influence of Spanish across numerous countries. Afterwards, the students engaged in lively rounds of traditional Spanish playground games, immersing themselves in the Spanish culture. Meanwhile, Year 4 explored the intricate world of Cantonese. Listening intently to Cantonese-speaking peers, they were incredibly impressed that their friends knew more than one language and were keen to learn some Cantonese phrases. The children were extremely respectful and their curiosity showed as they practiced writing Cantonese characters with great focus, appreciating the strokes needed to create each symbol. The inclusion of Cantonese was particularly significant due to our diverse community within the school, with the children eagerly learning from one another. 

The day's festivities showcased not just the linguistic diversity of Europe, but also the school's commitment to fostering understanding, respect, and appreciation for different cultures and languages.