Continuing to show our dedication to support students' mathematical skills, Chapelford Village Primary School recently organised an informative multiplication meeting for Year 3 and 4 parents. The meeting aimed to highlight the significance of mastering times tables and equip parents with resources to support their children's learning at home.

During the event, teachers showcased a wide range of strategies we put into place to reinforce times tables proficiency. These included whole-class times tables games, weekly homework assignments, focused times tables sessions in maths lessons, and the utilisation of interactive tools like TT Rockstars. The engaging Times Table Rock Stars platform was particularly emphasised as a valuable resource for at-home practice.

In addition to these ongoing activities, the school conducts weekly 90-second times tables tests. Successful mastery allows students to 'level up,' a motivating system that sees them progress through the times tables chart. The enthusiasm among students is evident as they eagerly move their names upward, marking their achievements. The meeting also addressed an upcoming challenge for Year 4 students – the Multiplication Times Tables Check, scheduled for June. This assessment, comprising of 25 questions with 6 seconds allocated per answer, evaluates the children's ability to recall times tables up to 12x12. 

Mastering times tables is crucial for a solid foundation in mathematics, serving as a fundamental building block for more advanced mathematical concepts. Proficiency in times tables enhances a student's ability to quickly and accurately perform basic arithmetic, laying the groundwork for success in various mathematical disciplines. In everyday life, a strong grasp of times tables facilitates quick mental calculations, aiding individuals in tasks ranging from budgeting and shopping to time management.

Please find below links to websites that were mentioned within the multiplication evening.