Chapelford Village Primary School came alive with the magic of books as both students and teachers celebrated World Book Day with a myriad of exciting activities, highlighting the importance of reading in shaping young minds.

Studies have emphasised the critical role of reading in cognitive development, language acquisition, and academic success. The ability to read proficiently is a cornerstone of a child's educational journey and fosters a lifelong love for learning. Chapelford Village Primary School is committed to nurturing this love for reading through a diverse selection of high-quality texts and teaching. The school recognises that exposure to a rich literary environment enhances creativity, empathy, and critical thinking skills.

Children were invited to dress up either as their favourite book character or to join in with a theme within their year group. The outfits and costumes were simply fantastic! Take a look on our Facebook page to see a selection!

Our Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) children dove into the wonders of Africa and safari life, exploring the continent's diverse wildlife through engaging activities. They completed matching activities and drew some fantastic pictures of their favourite safari animal. The children really enjoyed the story 'Safari Stomps' which tells the story of different animals in Africa and how they move! In Year 1 children used our incredible VR headsets to explore the Arctic before writing a diary entry of the explorer from the text 'The Great Explorer'. The VR headsets were a massive hit and generated some fantastic vocabulary when talking about what they could see!

Year 2 students at Chapelford Village Primary School enthusiastically participated in the Young Writers competition as part of their World Book Day festivities. The challenge involved planning and crafting animal adventure stories that transport readers into captivating worlds. The winners will be awarded creative writing goody bags, motivating the budding authors to explore their storytelling potential.

Year 5 students had a stellar experience as they embarked on a journey through space, using books as their launchpad. The children began the day by looking at one mouse's adventure to the moon and wrote postcards back to earth - they soon learned that the mouse was in fact a representation of Neil Armstrong. From there, year 5 fully immersed themselves in all things space! From making space mobiles out of clay, to using Augmented Reality on the iPads to create their own augmented reality space scenes, a great day was had by all! Year 6 students embarked on a scientific and artistic journey, becoming explorers of the Galapagos Islands. Drawing inspiration from Charles Darwin's discoveries, the students designed and created their own animals. 

Chapelford Village Primary School's World Book Day celebrations showcased the school's dedication to fostering a love for reading, creativity, and exploration in every student. The diverse range of activities engaged students across all year levels, reinforcing the belief that a well-rounded education includes the enchanting world of books.

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