In a thrilling display of creativity and school spirit, students of Chapelford Village Primary School recently participated in a competition to design the next football kit for our football team! With over 160 imaginative entries, it was a tricky decision to select a winner. A massive thank you to everyone who participated in our competition. 

Amidst the excitement and anticipation, one design stood out from the rest, capturing the hearts of both students and staff alike - Sheeta emerged victorious with her innovative and eye-catching design.

Sheeta's winning design is already in the process of being transformed into reality, with the mock-up currently underway with our suppliers. The children expressed their enthusiasm for the new kit and it will make its grand debut in the upcoming school year. Commenting on the overwhelming response to the competition, Mr Capper stated, "We were blown away by the level of creativity and enthusiasm shown by our students. It's great to see that our football team holds a special place in their hearts, and Sheeta's design truly captures the essence of our school spirit."

Many students are eagerly anticipating the arrival of the new kit, eager to proudly wear it during matches and represent their school with style. We can't wait to see our teams wearing the design and winning lots of matches soon!

Congratulations Sheeta!