This week, pupils from Burtonwood, Bradhsaw St.James and Park Road were invited to join Chapelford in the first ever Omega MAT interschool sports event. 

The interschool athletics competition at Chapelford was a huge success, with eager and determined pupils from the different schools coming together to compete in various activities such as long jump, javelin, long distance running and a sprint. The event enabled pupils to develop important skills such as teamwork and communication, while also providing an opportunity for them to showcase their talents and represent their schools with pride. It's a fantastic initiative to encourage sportsmanship and promote physical activity whilst meeting new people and having fun at the same time. We are delighted that the event has been such a huge success and look forward to it becoming a regular tradition in the school calendar.

At the end of the day, all the schools came together to congratulate each other on a job well done and to celebrate the spirit of friendly competition. The athletes from both schools had given their best effort and had a great time competing against each other. Congratulations to the Chapelford team on their impressive victory and well-deserved win of the Year 6 2024 Athletics trophy. It's heartwarming to see the display of good sportsmanship from all teams involved, highlighting the importance of teamwork, resilience and respect in competitive events. Medals were handed out to children across the schools for demonstrating values that made all the teachers proud. A huge well done to all the athletes for their hard work and dedication!