This week, children from Year 4 and 5 travelled the world through music workshops ran by talented musicians from the Global Music Academy. This experience included an Arabic Workshop- Palestinian Music with Saied Silback, Syrian Music with Louai Alhenaw,  Body Percussion with Nino Brito and Irish Music with Rioghnach Connolly. The children experienced music from around the world, opportunities to learn dances from different cultures and even the use of instruments including the samba drums and anoud. The children were hooked by the talent and experiences of our visitors whose music has been celebrated across the world. 

"Class 17 particularly enjoyed learning about all the different Arabic musical instruments and having the opportunity to play them, including the Tabla drum. They then learnt the moves of a Dabka dance and put them into action to the beat of the Tabla drum!"

Miss Garty, the Chapelford Music Lead, enjoyed music throughout her early education and is even clasically trained in singing. Because she had such a positive experience with music in her childhood, she is passionate about delivering an engaging, broad and balanced music curriculum to the children of Chapelford with opportunities to play different instruments and learn about other cultures. As well as after-school music tuition, children in each year group learn how to play a different instrument in each year group. For more information, please look at the school website.