Values are taught in a weekly assembly.  By introducing a new value each week, pupils can focus on developing good character traits and reflecting on how they can apply them in their daily lives. This approach also encourages critical thinking and self-awareness, as our children are encouraged to consider why the value is important and how they can demonstrate it in their actions. By instilling these values in the children, they are giving them a strong foundation for future success and helping them become responsible, caring, and compassionate individuals.

This also links really well to the Happy Minds programme that teachers adapt to deliver mindfulness and PSHCE lessons. Year 5 have recently been learning about how important it is to relate to other people and to always consider things from a different perspective. They explored the concept of 'stop, consider, understand' and how by adopting this, they could avoid an emotional reaction to something upsetting or frustrating. This supports them with their friendships and enables them to build stronger relationships built on trust and mutual respect.

The personal development lead at Chapelford, Mrs. Hackett, has made a significant impact on the school community by delivering staff training and lessons to pupils about the school's values and what it means to be part of the Chapelford community. The positive feedback from staff and children highlights the importance of clear values and their role in shaping the school's culture, as well as the potential for this initiative to have a lasting impact on the students' personal development. She is excited to deliver next week's learning based on aspirations.