Chapelford Village Primary School has launched an exciting array of after-school clubs that have brought an abundance of smiles and joy to our students this week. These clubs cater to a wide range of interests and talents, ensuring that every child can find something that interests them. From stimulating computing clubs to the imaginative world of sugar craft, our offerings are both diverse and engaging.

One of our first clubs to launch this week was Lego Club, organised and ran by Miss McCutcheon and Mrs Mercer. Here, our young learners are not only building fantastic creations but also developing essential teamwork skills. With teams swapping every five minutes, the children are challenged to adapt, communicate and collaborate effectively. 

Mrs. Unsworth is leading a Sing and Sign club, introducing children to the captivating world of British Sign Language (BSL). Learning basic BSL is an invaluable skill and supports inclusivity. Witnessing the incredible progress of our students within just one week is a testament to the importance of this skill in our increasingly diverse world - take a look at our Facebook page to watch this for yourself!

This term, Miss Griffiths, an extraordinary baker, is leading a Sugar Craft club that not only unleashes creativity but also hones fine motor skills, making learning both delicious and educational! This week the children created intricate ladybirds and flowers - the results look amazing! We are excited to see their creations each week.

We look forward to keeping you updated with more exciting club news stories in the future!