Chapelford Village Primary School welcomed an exciting visit from 'Animals Take Over', offering an unforgettable experience for students eager to meet the creatures they've been learning about in their recent Science learning. Year 1 students, particularly focusing on animal classification groups, were treated to an up-close encounter with a variety of fascinating creatures, ranging from the amphibians to the birds!

As the session began, the children's eyes widened with wonder as they were introduced to a bearded dragon, gecko, chinchilla, owl, frog, and snake. Each animal was accompanied by a knowledgeable handler who provided insights into their habitats, diets, and behaviours. Despite a little trepidation, the students quickly embraced the opportunity to interact with the animals. Demonstrating remarkable bravery, they approached each creature with caution and respect, showcasing the school's core values of courage and empathy.

"It was incredible to see the children's faces light up with excitement as they got to touch and learn about the animals up close," remarked Miss Barber. "This hands-on experience truly brought their Science lessons to life, and I'm so proud of how brave and inquisitive they were throughout the session."

For many students, the highlight of the visit was meeting the snake, a creature often misunderstood but fascinating nonetheless. With guidance from our handler, the children gently stroked its scales and learned about its unique characteristics. Here are some quotes from our children during the session:

"This was the best day ever!"

"I'm going to tell my Mummy I've held a snake!"

"I was a bit frightened of the snake at first, but then I was brave and touched it."

"I loved Freddo the frog! Not the chocolate frog, the one I held in my hand!"

"Sonic the hedgehog was my favourite."

"The chinchilla was so soft and furry!"

The visit from 'Animals Take Over' not only enriched the students' understanding of the animal kingdom but also reinforced the importance of bravery, curiosity, and respect for all living creatures. Chapelford Village Primary School looks forward to continuing to provide innovative and engaging learning opportunities for its students in the future.